_Ashley S. Westerman

Journalist &

Audio Producer


Ashley is an award-winning freelance journalist and audio producer based in Kyiv, Ukraine. She covers the on-going conflict between Russia and Ukraine, particularly how it affects people's every day lives.

An experienced reporter, editor and producer (field & studio), she has more than a decade of journalism experience and has previously worked for Voice of America and NPR in Washington, D.C. Her bylines can also be found at PRI's The World. Ashley was also the Senior Field Producer and co-host for Fearless Media’s “Ukraine Stories” podcast along with reknown journalist David Greene — a 20-episode podcast produced in April 2022 and published across all popular podcast platforms.

Previously Ashley lived in Manila, Philippines, where she focused on Southeast Asia and Pacific news and issues. She has reported on everything in that part of the globe from the toppling of governments in Malaysia and endangered pachyderms in Laos to Islamists in the Philippines and pearl farms in French Polynesia. Even though she no longer lives in the region, Ashley continues to closely follow U.S. policy toward the Asia-Pacific, developments in the Rohingya refugee crisis and China's Belt and Road initiatives around the world.

Ashley is also an outspoken advocate for diversity in news media and has long worked to support initiatives to diversify not only who gets to tell stories (i.e. newsroom staff, contributing reporters, etc), but also the voices/experts/sources quoted and stories pursued. As the former head of NPR Morning Edition’s Diversity Council, she launched and helped manage the show’s first-ever Source Tracking intiative.


April 2021 - Present

Freelance Journalist

Reporter, Audio Producer, Editor

Manila, Philippines

For-hire for breaking news, feature stories, long-term series for digital/print, broadcast and podcasts.

Also available for any audio production needs including audio editing, tape syncs, etc.

March - May 2022

Fearless Media

Senior Field Producer/Host


Traveled to Ukraine for 5 weeks to produce 20 episodes of Ukraine Stories podcast, funded by Spotify but aired across all major podcast platforms. Character scouted, interviewed, led on-the-ground audio production/recording and logistics — including travel and coordinating local Ukrainian colleagues. Also managed team that produced Russian translation of five podcast episodes.

Feb. 2015 to April 2021



Washington, D.C.

NPR Morning Edition: Producer, Editor, Director, Reporter

NPR NewsDesk, NPR Newscast & NPR World: Reporter, Editor

Aug. 2013 to Feb. 2015

Freelance Journalist

Reporter - Producer

Various Locations

NPR, The Baltimore Sun, Free Speech Radio News

Feb. 2012 to Nov. 2013

89.3-FM WRKF

Reporter - Host

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Local Morning Edition & All Things Considered Host; Newscaster; Health Care Reporter

Kit & Certifications


Marantz 620 MKII, Tascam-D40, Sony HD Headphones, Two (2) Rode Shotgun Mic w. Pistol Grip, Fishpole/Table-Top Stand


Adobe Audition & iPhone 12 Max Pro (for photos and recording)


Hazardous Environment Training -- 1st Option The Safety Group (2017)

AKE International — Online Hostile Environment Awareness Training Webinar (2022) CERTIFICATE


Southeast Asia


China & The Pacific


Other Stories




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